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10 Best Kitchen Tools Under £10
Want to improve your kitchen skills without breaking the bank? These useful kitchen tools all cost less than a tenner. Your next impulse purchase awaits.
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MOB's Perfect Sweet Potato Recipes
They're just like normal potatoes, but sweeter. The sweet potato is a vegetable that works wonders whether it's simmered in a curry or slathered in tahini.
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Just Add An Egg
MOB Contributor Marcus Brown discusses why adding an egg to a meal can turn it from a mediocre meal into a dish you can't (and won't) stop thinking about.
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Smashing Plates Giveaway
Enter to win a Smashing Plates black card worth a whopping £2500.
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12 Low-Alcohol Beers You Should Be Drinking
After some alcohol-free and low alcohol beers that don’t taste like a metallic disappointment? You’ve come to the right place for a fun and sober time, MOB.
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