Jobs available at MOB Kitchen.

Food Truck Manager

MOB Kitchen is looking for a MOB Truck Manager with experience managing and working in commercial kitchens. The ideal candidate will be a nomad at heart - someone who loves to be on the road and meeting new people. They must be a perfectionist who is health and safety conscious - keeping the vehicle road and food-safety legal, whilst also making sure that it remains presentable at all times.

You will be driving the vehicle across the country, building out teams for various events and will report back to the core team in London. You will earn £35k + a very exciting commission rate.


  • Someone who is comfortable working independently and managing a team.
  • Someone who takes pride in their work and is happy building and managing teams.
  • Someone who thrives under pressure, enjoys working independently and relishes the responsibilities that come with the role.
  • You will be someone who loves being on the road. From festivals, private events and university campuses - you will be all over the UK and will be the face of MOB Kitchen on the road.
  • An individual who is always looking for a better / more efficient way of doing things.
  • Great communicator with the ability to solve problems effectively and efficiently.
  • Driving license essential: experience driving LWB vans preferable.
  • Experience working in commercial kitchens essential.
  • Management experience is essential.
  • You need to be a go-getter and perfectionist, who is willing to work long days where needed.

Here’s what we can offer you:

  • A fast-paced, reactive job at one of the UK’s most exciting media startups.
  • An opportunity to travel the UK and represent the MOB brand on the road.
  • The opportunity to build out multiple teams in multiple locations.
  • Access to events and festivals across the UK.
  • £35k salary with an exciting commission structure.


Your primary role will be overseeing the production of both branded and unbranded content.

This will include:

  • Oversee the day-to-day operations at a food truck and commercial kitchen.
  • Plan truck itinerary.
  • Plan for and purchase food for daily operations.
  • Maintain required records including food production, inventory, income/expenses, meal counts and personnel records.
  • Ensure food truck staff members follow proper sanitation procedures.
  • Preside over food truck employees, including cooks, food preparers, cashiers, and other employees.
  • Ensure safety standards are maintained while food is being cooked.
  • Keep all food and vehicle-related documentation up to date.
  • Prepare and serve the food.
  • Work with the MOB food team to plan menus and set prices.
  • Respond to customer preferences and complaints.
  • Liaise with the content and creative team at MOB HQ to ensure that quality control in maintained with both food and branding.
  • Plan and budget for future menu items.
  • Maintain equipment including refrigerator, stove, prep table and cookware.
  • Ensure customer dining experience is satisfactory.
  • Expedite food.
  • Hire, recruit, and train employees.
  • Deliver orders to appropriate customers.
  • Direct the cleaning of the truck and commercial kitchen.
  • Ensure the truck is road legal and mechanically sound at all times.
  • Maintain employee records, prepare payroll, and complete paperwork to comply with laws and regulations.
  • Keep records of supplies and purchases.
  • Report to the London office regularly for updates.

**All applications should be sent to containing a cover letter and a CV - subject: Food Truck Manager, Any applications that don’t adhere to this won’t be considered.**